Friday, November 25, 2016


Do you follow Wayne Dupree on WAAR & RSBN?

I've been following Wayne since 2012 when he was better known as the NewsNinja.
He's been an inspiration for me as he is one of the many New Media Citizen Reporters that is going out there & reporting on the news. 

The main stream major media is taking a hit to their ratings because men & women like Wayne have a voice on the internet & they are reporting what the main stream media refuses to report. 

What I like about Wayne & his crew is that their voice is growing stronger & they are making good use of it. They are calling out the BS, they are calling the people to get informed & get active.

He's connected with others along the way so that they now have several people connected together. 
The team is growing & expanding as people join in as others leave for new opportunities. 
It is interesting to listen to the callers having a say about what is happening
202-470-6738 is the number for callers if you can get through & talk on air with the team.

I hope that the GOP both at the national & state & even the local levels take Wayne's advice to get now into our urban areas & most importantly Stay There to Outreach & Educate & grow the party