Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5th GOP Presidential Debate 12-15-2015

Tonight is the #GOPDebate
Have a laugh with the cute Trump fan video to remind your friends to watch tonight

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Donald Trump Jr. Advice for His Father for #GOPDebates

Are you watching the debates tonight?

Here's some pre-debate warm up entertainment in the video below but I do have some questions for you...

Do you watch for the entertainment value or are you watching seriously so that you learn a bit about the issues & the candidates?

What issues do you want to see them talk about tonight?


Friday, December 11, 2015

Faux Predictions #FridayFunny

Presented to get you in the mood for the #GOPDebate coming up on 
Tuesday Dec 15th 2015 


Monday, November 23, 2015

#TeamTillett Blog

Welcome to the #TeamTillett Blog

This blog will be more posts from the "The Team" 
Post of pictures & videos as well as some questions & thoughts while we're out & about in our travels in & around the 2nd District & our state of Connecticut ..

We'll also post some videos from youtube that we feel will be of interest to the people living in CT.

If you'd like to contribute to the blog there are several ways to contribute or you can actually join us at #TeamTillett 

1) Ask a Question by sending a traditional email 
Theresa (@) WindsorRepublicans.com 

2) Ask or Answer a Question by Video - give us permission to use your video in your email with the link to your youtube video & we'll do our best to make a video reply in a few days showing both your video with the reply in it

3) Ask or Answer a Question by VoiceMail - when you leave your message let us know if you want a personal reply via email or phone call or if you'd prefer the question be publicly answered via the blog for all to get the benefit of your question

4) Testimonials &/or Endorsements can also be contributed for posting by any of the above methods

5) You can join us at #TeamTillett to work towards #MakingCTGreatAgain by contacting us via email or filling out the Volunteer Form here