Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Year New Challenges Approaching 2017

We here in CT have a new year quickly approaching with looming debt, layoffs & either much higher taxes or huge budget cuts coming - a lot of very hard choices to make

What will happen in the "Lame Duck" weeks of our government in CT?
What SHOULD happen & what WILL happen of course are 2 very different things. 
The democrats still control the general assembly until the new senators & representatives are sworn in in January; where the senate will then be tied 18 to 18 & the difference in the house is greatly reduced.

What SHOULD Happen is attacking the enormous budget problem but the democrats have other plans which will result in raising our taxes again & forcing homeowners & taxpayers in small towns & the suburbs to pay for the mismanagement & corruption of the cities that are doing poorly for their choices & refusal to spend their money wisely...

Ideally our elected officials will do the hard work of properly downsizing our bloated government & find solutions that will make that needed part of government that is needed to run more efficiently while providing Better Service for those needed items while managing to Lower the Costs of providing those services.

It is going to be a very hard job if the elected officials have the fortitude to make the cuts going through the budget line by line & department by department...

Each department & all of their offices need to be opened up & looked at separately as well as to how they relate to the whole wider government.
Weigh whether the department is in fact needed or has it become an old outdated form of government that really does not meet the needs of the citizens of Connecticut in the 21st century...
Weigh out exactly what each position does from the very top to the bottom in each of these departments which positions should be eliminated entirely or adjusted for our present & future needs?

Asking very Important questions like:
What expenses are being paid to out of state & even out of country businesses that should be instead being contracted with Connecticut businesses?
Can the position be done more effectively in the private sector? 
Can the position be done more effectively at the town level?
Can the job be done in an electronic manner to reduce time & cost?
How many employees are actually needed vs how many are high level titles that really shouldn't be there in the first place because they do not actually assist in getting the work done for the people in Connecticut?

If you were able to make changes in our government what suggestions would you make to which departments & why would you make them? 
Leave me your thoughts in the comments below.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Special Report 2016.11.18

Well it looks like #BrokeBronin is stirring the pot to get the residents in the city to be angry at and fight with those who don't live in the city but who work or "play" in the city with his nasty attitude at the meeting on Nov 18th 2016?

Why should the taxpayers of the surrounding towns bail out cities like Hartford when there is no plan to spend the money wisely?
Should we taxpayers encourage more city corruption by being forced to pay for their mess in Hartford's city Hall?
Why should we taxpayers in the suburbs have to pay for services that we already pay for in the sales taxes that we pay when we shop in the state?

When the police won't be turning over criminals that in the country illegally to be deported isn't that encouraging more criminals to go into Hartford to create more crime because they know that there is no risk to them? Doesn't more crime mean that there is higher costs to the city as a result?

Why would the taxpayers of the surrounding towns want to help bail out the cities like Hartford when the mayors are stating that they are going to encourage lawlessness in their cities?

Friday, November 25, 2016


Do you follow Wayne Dupree on WAAR & RSBN?

I've been following Wayne since 2012 when he was better known as the NewsNinja.
He's been an inspiration for me as he is one of the many New Media Citizen Reporters that is going out there & reporting on the news. 

The main stream major media is taking a hit to their ratings because men & women like Wayne have a voice on the internet & they are reporting what the main stream media refuses to report. 

What I like about Wayne & his crew is that their voice is growing stronger & they are making good use of it. They are calling out the BS, they are calling the people to get informed & get active.

He's connected with others along the way so that they now have several people connected together. 
The team is growing & expanding as people join in as others leave for new opportunities. 
It is interesting to listen to the callers having a say about what is happening
202-470-6738 is the number for callers if you can get through & talk on air with the team.

I hope that the GOP both at the national & state & even the local levels take Wayne's advice to get now into our urban areas & most importantly Stay There to Outreach & Educate & grow the party 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Thanksgiving Song - by Adam Sandler

Have some fun watching this while waiting for the turkey to cook...


Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Working Class Tax

Look around you when you are driving home tonight and; 

Specifically look around to see ...
Just how many empty storefronts, closed businesses and; restaurants there are?
Those are people Not Working, people that aren't working don't have as much money to spend buying other things & going out to eat or taking their families on vacations.

How many Empty Homes & For Sale Signs are on the streets as you drive during your day? 
Those are families that are no longer part of the stable taxpaying CT Economy, no longer contributing to other families working by using Roofers, Plumbers, Carpenters or buying big ticket items for their homes.

Start taking pictures and; post them to the http://facebook.com/TillettForCT page

Ask yourself 
Do we need something else that will close more businesses and; hurt more families?


Do we need for our elected officials to stop attacking the small business owners and; start cutting out the expensive projects that while are nice things to have but we just can not afford right now?

Is your job one of those that was killed off by the #DemocratsRaisingTaxesAgain ?

Will your job be next on the chopping block? 

Can you and your family afford to keep on paying these increasing taxes?

#YouHaveAChoice this November the Status Quo or a #FreshNewStart ... 

Choose wisely #ElectionsHaveConsequences

Friday, November 4, 2016

Blacks voting and supporting Trump

Contrary to what the major media would have us believe... there are Blacks across the Nation that are supporting Donald Trump instead of Hillary