Monday, January 16, 2017

#BrokeBronin #BeggingForBailOuts Tour - Newington CT

Newington CT is going to be a hard sell for Luke and the town councilors of Hartford.

Since Newington is stuck in the middle of both New Britain and Hartford when Luke goes to town to try to hit up the homeowners there to bail out Hartford their question is "Why should we help out Hartford when we're already affected by and stuck helping out New Britain?"

Scheduled for January 30th at the Newington Town Hall in the lower level auditorium at 6pm.

Luke will be up to bat to push forward the failed policies of corruption and the cronyism that has been going on in Hartford's capitol halls both at the state level and city level for decades and generations ... 

But Newington doesn't want to be stuck with #MalloysMess... already the active townspeople there have fought back and won against the forced regionalism, they will lead the way again

What kind of fools does #BrokeBronin take the taxpaying citizens of Newington to be? 

The fireworks are certain to be flying in this discussion as these working families have to pay for the increased taxes due to the failure of the MDC and Hartford to pay it's bills making the plan for the surrounding towns to be stuck with Hartford's water bill and; the MDC's real estate speculation investments...