Friday, September 23, 2016

FND: Play Your Part

Sonnie Johnson talks some actual history that we in the Black Community need to rethink...
This is an older video of hers & she's located in another state but as you watch... Look around you & see if what she is saying can be applied right here to Hartford.

All Politics are Local... who have we voted into office? Town Council, State Level & Federal are they "Working For US" which as elected officials they are Our Employees or just to line their own pockets with an Attitude that they are better than us?

Are we thriving or are we "Just Over Broke", are we Prospering or are we Pinching Pennies? Ask yourself WHY is that?

What conditions are our schools? Have our children been the priority or is our tax money being syphoned off into schemes & stadium pipedreams?

What is going on in our public schools? With all of the money which has been poured into one "experimental program" after another has the School to Prison Pipeline been shut down or is it still flowing strong?

You Have a Choice this November... the old Status Quo with more of the same results or a Fresh New Start with eyes that look from the perspective of what it is like to actually have to LIVE under these laws & increasing taxes...